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Step #1 Starting Your Refinance

Congratulations on starting your refinance with Von Mortgage.  We look forward to getting started.  

What to Expect:

Tiina Merril will be giving you a calling and scheduling a time for you to meet with your loan officer to review your loan disclosures.  This can be done in person, via e-sign, or by email.  The faster we can get the documents reviewed the quicker we can get on to the next step in the loan process.

Next Step:

Tiina will also be going over additional documents that might be needed or that might be out dated.  Bringing these documents to the meeting is very important.  This will allow your loan officer to review the updated information for accuracy.  Prior to bringing in your loan documents please be sure to read the information about cash deposits in your bank accounts. 

Possible Delays:

The longer it takes you to review your initial loan disclosures the longer your loan could be delayed for loan approval.

Our mortgage refinance offerings:
USDA Refinancing
FHA Streamline Refi
Conventional Refinance
VA Loan Refinancing