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It was twenty years ago when Roland and his four sons signed the lease on a 900 sq ft space that was to become the office for a little company named Von Mortgage. With over three decades of experience in the real estate industry Roland decided that with the help of his sons, back from college, that they could build something special. The idea was to create a place for friends and family to find the best mortgages on the market without any of the brain damage often associated with getting a mortgage.

Across the wall of the office was a sign that read, “Treat Everyone Like Family”. It was never okay to refer to loans as units or deals. These applications represented people and families hoping to realize the dream of home ownership. These families had entrusted us with the responsibility of making that dream a reality. We took this responsibility very seriously.

We realized early on that it wasn’t enough to just help people get into their homes. We wanted to help build the communities that these homes and families lived within. We began donating proceeds from our closings to causes we felt could make the biggest impact. It didn’t take long for us to realize how a little bit of effort on a daily basis could add up to a mountain of help over the course of a year. To this day we continue this effort to build better communities and are proud to say that the impact has far exceeded our wildest hopes.

Von Mortgage started growing as other professionals in the industry caught wind of how we were doing business. Professionals that truly cared about their clients and their communities found their way into the Von Mortgage family. This continued over the last two decades and Von Mortgage has grown into 26 states across the country.

We realize that often with growth comes a change in the character and values of a company. Fortunately for us, the foundation of this company is a father and four sons. Family isn’t a catch phrase and across the wall is that same old sign that says, “Treat Everyone Like Family”.

Thanks for taking the time to read our story and please let us know how we can help you.

Our loan officers are some of the best

Pete Metz

Peter J. Metz


Pete is a student of the mortgage industry and has made a career on helping over 650 families with their home financing needs. Pete loves road biking, backpacking, surfing, traveling, and reading.


Blair Hodgdon

Blair Hodgdon


Born and raised in Shasta County, Blair loves this community and helping his fellow northern Californians achieve their goal of home ownership. Blair’s reputation as a mortgage advisor has been built on attention to detail and the belief that communication is of utmost importance in the home loan process. His “door is always open” policy provides his clients a professional mortgage experience that is comfortable and stress-free. Blair is married to his best friend, Melanie, with whom he has two children, Brooklynn and Koen. The family enjoys golf, camping, hiking, and traveling.


Our expert team is here to smooth out your lending process.

Amy Metz

Amy Metz


I live to serve. I have worked in an office setting for over 5 years and love to work with people. While my admin skills come naturally I’m more interested in helping you in your process of buying a home. It’s exciting to work with a team of great people and to see people be able to move into their dream homes. When I’m not getting to know you over the phones or helping with getting your loan approved I’m at the gym or going on some adventure with my husband. I’m a big believer that if you put your mind to it you can do anything! So if your dream is to buy a home one day. Come to see us at Von Mortgage and we’ll do our best to get you there.


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Information About Fees

It is my goal to provide Education and Quality service at a competitive low cost to the Borrower. Most Loan companies have the same pricing and loan products . The difference is in the Planning, Education, and Relationship.

Von Mortgage Financial Cost


This cost is for the processor. The processor’s duty is to make sure that the file gets sent to the underwriter correctly in its stacking order. Each file has a stack of paperwork that is about 2 inches thick and needs to be organized for the underwriter to review. The processor also orders all the verifications of employment.


This cost is for the Underwriter that underwrites the file. On average an underwriter will spend 5-10 hours on the file from beginning to end. It is their job to make sure the borrower qualifies and fits within the investors guidelines.

FHA Loan Fees

  • Processing – $0 – $800 Depending on Interest Rate Chosen
  • Underwriting – $0.00 – $850 Depending on Interest Rate Chosen

USDA Loan Fees

  • Processing – $0 – $800Depending on Interest Rate Chosen
  • Underwriting – $0.00 – $850 Depending on Interest Rate Chosen

VA Loan Fees

  • Processing – $0 – $800 Depending on Interest Rate Chosen
  • Underwriting – $0.00 – $850 Depending on Interest Rate Chosen

Conventional Loan Fees

  • Processing – $0 – $800 Depending on Interest Rate Chosen
  • Underwriting – $0.00 – $850 Depending on Interest Rate Cosen

Appraisal Cost

Investment Purchase

If you are buying an investment house and plan on receiving income from renting the house out some time the underwriter will ask for a rent roll from the appraiser. The appraiser charges another $125 for the Rent Roll. If the rental income from the investment property is not needed to qualify then it is okay to have a Conventional Loan Appraisal.

These cost’s are based off the average in Redding. The costs can range based on type, condition, and location of the property.

  • CONVENTIONAL LOAN: $450 – $600
  • FHA LOAN: $450 – $600

Title Cost

Here are basic title fees that you might see charged for title insurance and escrow service from the title company. Title insurance can be more or less depending on the loan amount. In this example, $725.00 is charged for a loan amount of $204,000.

Closing/Escrow Fee $450.00
Doc Prep Fee $50.00
Notary Fee $40.00
Title Insurance $725.00
Endorsement Fee $75.00
Overnight Delivery $35.00
Recording Fee $75.00
TOTAL $1,450.00

Mortgage Insurance Premium (FHA Loan)

The MIP is a requirement from the government. There are two parts to the Mortgage Insurance.

Monthly Mortgage Insurance

This is a monthly charge and is calculated by multiplying the loan amount by .85%, then dividing by 12/months. Example: 200,000 x .875% = $1,700 / 12 months = $141/month

Mortgage Insurance Premium

This is a one time charge that gets financed on top of the loan amount and is calculated by multiplying 1.75% to the loan amount. Example: $200,000 x 1.75% = $3,500 so the total loan amount after the MIP is financed is $203,500.00

Zero Cost Loan

This is an option that every borrower has when either purchasing or refinancing! Here's how it works:

Usually by paying up front closing cost the consumer is able to get the best possible Interest Rate. We can offer the “Zero Cost Loan" by raising the interest rate by .25 – .75%. When I sit down with my clients we determine if this makes since for them or not. Also there is the opportunity to buy down the interest rate to the desired rate the consumer is wanting. This makes since when the consumer needs to keep the payment as low as possible in order to fit with their specific budget.

Here is what the “Zero Cost Loan" looks like:

Origination Fee $0.00
Von Mortgage Financial Fees $0.00
TOTAL $0.00*

*Appraisal and title have to be paid. The title company and the appraiser very rarely will reduce their fees.

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