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Finding your Bankruptcy Papers Online

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Finding your Facebook and Google Pixel & Snippet

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Salesforce Training

Adding a lead in SalesforceCreating a Needs List for the LeadConverting The ContactPre-approval Process in ContactPre-approval Email Example!Sending The Pre-approval LetterCust & Paste this link: Then save to your favorits on your phone and on your desktop.  Now watch the Video BelowBuilding the Opportunity
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USDA Eligible Homes

Here is a guide to show you how to find homes that are with in the USDA eligible areas.  This video will show you how to make sure your property is eligible for USDA financing.  
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Schedule a Time To Meet

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Were you affected by the Carr Fire?

Federal Administration Disaster Loan

  • 100% Financing for Victims
  • Complete Loss or Damaged home
  • Purchase within 1 year of the disaster
100% Financing

13 Down Payment Programs you have NOT heard about - Get The Facts

  • Other lenders will not share these programs with you
  • These programs are for your 1st or 2nd Home
  • Instructions on where to apply for these programs

How To Shop For Your Mortgage

  • Learn the 3 ways to pay closing costs
  • Learn how to avoid paying PMI or Mortgage Insurance
  • Learn how to shop for your mortgage
  • Learn how to get the lowest interest rate and the lowest closing costs