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STEP #3 SENT TO Fulfillment

Once your disclosures and needs list are received, you are ready for the next step in your loan approval process.

What to Expect:

This process normally takes 3-4 business days to complete.  

What is the Fulfillment Center?

Our Fulfillment Center is a team of underwriters and processors.  Their job is to:

  • Request Verification of Employment (if applicable)
  • Request the IRS Transcripts
  • Request the Social Security Verification
  • Review the application and loan documents for accuracy.
  • Provide a list of documents (If any) that might have been missed that is needed for underwriting.

The fulfillment process takes about 3-4 days sometimes sooner if a rush is needed.  

Next Step:

After the loan comes out of fulfillment we will be requesting additional documentation (If any) that fulfillment has requested that will be required for underwriting to approval your home loan.  It is important to get any documentation required to use as soon as possible so we can get to the next step in the home loan process.  If you have any questions during this step please let us know.

Possible Delays:

  • Needs list
    • If we do not have all the documents requested from your needs list, this could cause delays in the fulfillment process.  The fulfillment center might not have enough documents to advance your loan to our underwriter and your file will need to wait for the updates documents prior to sending the loan to underwriting
  • Verification of Employment
    • Fulfillment will call your employer and request a Verification of Employment (VOE).  If we do not have the correct phone number on file the VOE will not be able to be retrieved and could cause a delay in submitting your loan to underwriting.  
      • To ensure are not delayed please makes sure we have the correct phone number to your employer for a verification of employment.
  • IRS Transcripts
    • Sometimes when ordering IRS transcripts Von Mortgage does not have the correct address for the corresponding year that we have requested.  The IRS requires that we match the address perfectly prior to giving us the transcripts
    • If you have just recently filed your tax returns, this could cause a delay in your closing.  If we need the most recent year and you have just filed the returns, the IRS can take 6 – 8 weeks to complete your IRS transcripts.  This delay is un avoidable if transcripts are needed.